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IsraHCI 2020 Program

Keynote lecture: Revealing More or Less?


Yvonne Rogers is a Professor of Interaction Design, the director of UCLIC and a deputy head of the Computer Science department at University College London. Her research interests are in the areas of ubiquitous computing, interaction design and human-computer interaction. A central theme of her work is concerned with designing interactive technologies that augment humans. A current focus of her research is on human data interaction. She is also interested in what human-centred AI means in practice. She is a fellow of the ACM, BCS and the ACM CHI Academy.

People are increasingly concerned about the data that is being collected about them by corporations and governments; how it is being used and where it ends up. For example, a recent concern is facial recognition technology, that is beginning to be deployed in public places. Smart AI platforms are emerging that can detect - at a glance - our gender, race and approximate age, where and how long we have been looking at something and what emotional state we are in. All without us knowing what is going on behind the scenes. In contrast, in my talk I will propose a more public-centered approach to data collection, that enables people to be more aware, understand, accept and act upon data collected about them. In particular, I will describe some of the research we conducted as part of the Interdisciplinary Collaboration Research Institute (ICRI) on the urban Internet of Things. A focus of our work has been on how various kinds of data can be openly sensed in people’s homes and outdoors with the aim of empowering communities through new forms of discoverability. As part of our approach we have been designing very visible tangible interfaces, intended to entice and encourage the general public to approach, interact with and be comfortable with what is behind the data they help to create. 

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