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8:30-9:15  Welcome & Gathering

9:15-9:20 Opening remarks

9:20-10:30  Keynote and Ppenning Presentations

9:20 Keynote lecture: Social Competence in Human-Robot Interactions- Prof. Leila Takayama, University of California (UC), Santa Cruz (English)

10:05 The Science of Managing Our Digital Stuff- Ofer Bergman and Steve Whitakker (new book)


10:15 Changes in Engagement Before and After Posting to Facebook - Nir Grinberg, Alex Dow, Lada Adamic and Mor Naaman

*Short coffee break

10:45-12:00  Robotic Interfaces and Digital Information

10:45 The Influence of Following Angle on Performance Metrics of a Human-Following Robot 

Shanee Honig, Dror Katz, Tal Oron-Gilad and Yael Edan

11:00 On Sensitivity and Holding in Automotive Systems: The Case of the Climate Control 

Asaf Degani, Claudia Goldman and Omer Tsimhoni

11:15 Videos

Plugiz - Bezalel, Sapir Shragai

Pieces - Bezalel,  Matan Staouber 

11:20 Comparing Robot, Screen and Voice Interfaces for Smart-Home Control

Michal Luria, Guy Hoffman and Oren Zuckerman (English)

11:30 Side Menus are better than Top Menus for Tablets

Revital Turgeman, Ofer Bergman and Judit Bar-Ilan

11:40 Incentivising Users to Follow Information Security Practices

Yelena Petrykina, Hadas Chassidim and Eran Toch

11:50 Analytics in Complex Systems by UI-  Human Factors Ltd.

Gil Hupert-Graf

12:00-13:15  Lunch

13:15-14:25 Assisitive Technology and Collaborative Technology

13:15 Personalization of Virtual Games for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Sarit Tresser, Patrice L. Tamar Weiss and Tsvi Kuflik

13:25 Ringo: A Wearable Mobile Device Controller that Enables Eyes-Free Access On-the-Go

Neta Tamir, Catherine Feng, Shafeka Hashash and Shiri Azenkot (English)

13:35 Videos

Gio - miLAB IDC, Sharon Hareli, Yotav Masa, Daniel Bublil Amit Geva  and Adi Lahav (Seminar Hakibutzim)  

Pals - miLAB IDC, Liron Shalev, Yafim vodkov, Jonathan Limon, Asaf Naory, Abigail Zernik and Chen Malool (Seminar Hakibutzim)  

13:40 Raising your Eminence inside the Enterprise Social Network

Shiri Kremer-Davidson, Inbal Ronen, Lior Leiba, Avi Kaplan and Maya Barnea

13:55 On the “How” and “Why” of Emergent Role Behaviors in Wikipedia

Ofer Arazy, Hila Lifshitz-Assaf, Oded Nov, Johannes Daxenberger, Martina Balestra and Coye Cheshire

14:10 * Selected Posters' introduction

14:15-15:40 Posters and Demos (and coffee)

Location: miLAB Space, 2nd floor


  • Interacting With a Wearable Robotic Forearm

Cornell University, Vighnesh Vatsal and Guy Hoffman

  • Computerized Training for Exploring Theory of Mind

ORT Braude College, Nirit Gavish, Doron Faran and Mark Berman.

  • Animating Mechanics - Open Source Robotic Devices Animation Platform

miLAB IDC, Benny Megidish and Oren Zuckerman

Robotic Media Experience: Evaluating Engagement Using a Robotic Device as a Poem Media Experience

miLAB IDC, Danielle Rifinski, Yaron Shlomi and Oren Zuckerman

  • The Effect of Exposure to Social Annotation on Online Informed Consent Beliefs and Behavior 

New York University, Wellesley College & Open Humans, Martina Balestra, Orit Shaer, Johana Okerlund, Oded Nov and Madeleine Ball

  • Placing Value on Community Co-creations: A Study of a Video Game 'Modding' Community 

University of Haifa, Lev Poretski and Ofer Arazy

  • Maker or Socializer or Both? Characterizing Children`s Activity Patterns in a Makerspace 

miLAB IDC, Aviv Sheriff, Rona Sadan and Oren Zuckerman


  • A live vlogging (video blogging) system - Intel, Gal Eshel

  • A hands free system for operating rooms Intel, Gal Eshel

  • CoderZ- Intelitek, Shay Yagur

  • Meet HoloLens - Microsoft, Adi Diamant

  • Expressive Movement with Low Degree of Freedom Robotic Object - miLAB IDC, Oren Zuckerman, Yaron Shlomi, Iddo Wald, Benny Megidish, Daniel Kuvent and Lucy Anderson

  • Plugiz- BezalelSapir Shragai

  • Project Prague: Hand Gesture Control for Windows - Microsoft, Adi Diamant

  • Personal Social Dashboard - IBM Research, Shiri Kremer-Davidson

  • Scratch Microworlds: Open-Ended and Scaffolded Introduction to Scratch - MIT Media Lab, Moran Tsur, Natalie Rusk and Mitchel Resnick

  • Scratch and the physical world - sensor based tool as an extension for outdoor playing - miLAB IDC, Itamar Apelblat, Avihai Bar, Tom Hitron, Iddo Wald and Oren Zukerman

  • BeeSeeEye - IDC, Yotam Luz

15:40-16:05 Radical HCI Designs

15:40 Industry case study: Personal Robots for the Elderly by Intuition Robotics

Shlomi Azulay

15:50 Digital Gastronomy: Methods & Recipes for Hybrid Cooking

Moran Mizrahi, Amos Golan, Ariel Bezaleli Mizrahi, Rotem Gruber, Alexander 'Zoonder' Lachnish and Amit Zoran

16:05 Flexible Making – The T-Shirt Case Study

Gili Briks

16:15-16:45 Closing keynote lecture: Mobile Health and Small Data
Prof. Deborah Estrin, Cornell Tech University

16:45-16:50 IsraHCI 2016 Honorary mention

16:50-17:00 Closing remarks

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