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Conference Program

08:30-09:30 Gathering
09:30-09:40 Opening words
09:40-10:15 Opening Presentation: Orit Shaer, WHCI Lab, Wellesley College

Lab Overview -

Designing for Discovery: Enhancing Collaborative Exploration and Learning

Paper Presentation -

Orit Shaer and Oded Nov, Informing the Design of Direct-to-Consumer Interactive Personal Genomics Reports

10:15-10:35 Coffee break
10:35-11:30 Paper Session I

10:35 - Ido Beja, Joel Lanir and Tsvi Kuflik

Examining Factors Influencing the Disruptiveness of Notifications in a Mobile Museum Context


10:50 - Oren Zuckerman, Tamar Gal, Tal Keren-Capelovitch, Tal Karsovsky, Ayelet Gal-Oz and Patrice L. Tamar Weiss

DataSpoon: Overcoming Design Challenges in Tangible and Embedded Assistive Technologies 


11:05 - Noa Shitrit, Oren Zuckerman, Guy Hoffman, Daphne Kopelman-Rubin, Anat Brunstein-Klome, Yahav Amsalem and Yaron Shlomi

KIP3: Robotic Companion as an External Cue to Students with ADHD

11:15 - Tatyana Vasilevitsky and Amit Zoran

Steel-Sense: Integrating machine elements with sensors by Additive Manufacturing


11:30-12:00 Video Session
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:00 Demos and Posters


David Bar-El and Oren Zuckerman, Maketec: A Makerspace as a Third Place for Children

Sarit Szpiro, Yuhang Zhao and Shiri Azenkot, Wayfinding Challenges Faced by People with Low Vision

Anna Zamansky and Sofya Baskin, The Player is Chewing the Tablet: Towards a Systematic Interpretation of User Behavior in Animal-Computer Interaction

Natalia Vainstein, Joel Lanir and Tsvi Kuflik, Towards Using Mobile, Head-Worn Displays in Cultural Heritage 


Almog Ben David, Guy Hoffman and Oren Zuckerman, Speakers Recognition In Multiple Participants Smartphone Based System For Robot Conversation Companion 

Shachar Oz, Avi Salmon and Yaron Yanai, Intel Realsense extenstion for Scratch 

Idit Neuman Steiner, Michal Steiner, Keren Gottlieb, Hadas Nur, Shachar Geiger and Michal Rinott, MeZoog 

Neta Tamir, Cubix: A musical IoT game for Sensory-Motor Skill Development Among Children

Almog Ben David, Guy Hoffman and Oren Zuckerman, Speakers Recognition In Multiple Participants Smartphone Based System For Robot Conversation Companion

Vered Pnueli and Einat Daniel, Lygo - Home is Everywhere 

Michal Luria, Guy Hoffman, Oren Zuckerman & Benny Megidish: An Empathic Assistant Robot for Smart Home Management

Orit Shaer, SynFlo: A Tangible Museum Exhibit for Exploring Bio-Design

Tali Segall, Moshe Schwimmer: Gesture Control for Siemens' Process Simulate in Volkswagen


14:00-15:00 Paper session II

14:00 - Lev Poretski, Joel Lanir and Ofer Arazy

The Role of Emotions Inherent in the Images in The Image Retrieval Process 


14:10 - Tamara Anna Efrat, Moran Mizrahi and Amit Zoran

The Hybrid Bricolage – Bridging Parametric Design With Craft Through Algorithmic Modularity


14:25 - Yoram Kalman, Gitit Kavé and Daniil Umanski

Writing in a Digital World: Self-Correction While Typing in Younger and Older Adults


14:40 - Rinat Peleg Adler, Joel Lanir and Maria Korman

Augmented Reality for Older Adults: the Effect of Age on the Use of AR Systems


15:00-15:40 Case Studies

15:00 - Tali Segall and Moshe Schwimmer

Gesture Control for Process Simulate in Volkswagen 


15:10 - Ori Succary, Ainatte Inbal, Ben Lev, Ishai Adar and Shlomi Azulai

UX for NUI Email Client


15:20 - Sharin Regev

Touch, Measure, Learn: Applying Lean UX Principles to Improve Touch Gestures 


15:30 - Case Study Discussion


15:40-16:00 Coffee break
16:00-16:30 Short papers


16:00 - Dorit Geifman and Daphne R. Raban

Collective Problem-Solving: the Role of Self-Efficacy, Skill, and Prior Knowledge


16:10 - Carmel Kent and Sheizaf Rafaeli

How Interactive is a Semantic Network? Concept maps and Discourse in Knowledge Communities 


16:20 - Alon Bartal and Gilad Ravid

Modeling Members’ Behavior in Online Communities

16:30-17:05 Closing Presentation: Shiri Azenkot, Enhancing Ability Lab, Cornell Tech

Lab overview- 

Enhancing Human Abilities  

Paper presentation- 

Violeta Voykinska, Shiri Azenkot, Shaomei Wu and Gilly Leshed

How Blind People Interact with Visual Content on Social Networking Services





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